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Wound, Injury dream picture

Published on 14 August 2021 at 07:00

Dreams or visions of a wound are telling you about having pain, suffering and anger you inflicted on yourself (mirroring your own experiences) on your dream. Another explanation is that you are cutting off the chosen path, in other words you want to make a short cut regardless of the outcome, experiences, feelings and so on. Your source, your base, your heart, your aura, your feeling calls for attention and awareness of the fact that you are shorting yourself in these kinds of life moments.


An addition to this is to stop doing something or with something in an unhealthy or brutal way. Yet another explanation is that you are looking for spiritual healing for obstacles and problems. You take time to become aware of your inner soul pain, physical and aura pain, which creates space for healing and healing.



Dreams like these in which injury, wound are central, you are always the wound, the blood, the pain, the nurse, doctor, plaster and so on because you mirror the complete situation on this. It's not so much about other people wanting to hurt you! it is a mirror to yourself, how you deal with it, how you feel, what your soul experiences.

Pay close attention to where the wound is, how big, color and so on, but especially pay attention to how you experience it. emotions, feelings, positive and negative. You can better explain the dream based on your feeling.

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