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Trash Can Dream Picture

Published on 18 August 2021 at 07:00

Dreaming about a trash can, trash can, or container tells you that you are letting go of the old problems, emotions, pain and sadness. You are going to restructure and organize your life better or rearrange, so that new opportunities can come your way. You throw away the old unhealthy, as it were - this can be many different things; When explaining, listen very carefully to your feeling, your source, your base, your heart, your soul and so on.


But also, for example, thoughts, experiences, emotions, feelings, plans, wishes, dreams, connections with loved ones, like-minded people and much more. Dreams or visions about cleaning up and thus also throwing things away also tell you that you are finishing things and trying to gain insight into your life, solve, explain, think and gain an overview. A very important addition is that you pay close attention to what you throw away, this contains the life lesson, letting go, awareness moment! 


Closing out patterns that no longer suit you; literally distance yourself from relationships, things, situations, products, dreams, wishes and so on. The garbage, garbage can, container is a reflection of yourself, how you stand in life and what you have had with you as personal luggage, problems and experiences.



Another explanation is that a trash can, wheelie bin, waste bin, container reflects getting rid of problems, choices, opinions, unhealthy patterns and so on. Make everything look better than it really is, and/or say goodbye to things that are still important in your waking existence. It can reflect a form of shame towards the outside world and/or towards yourself.

Dreams and visions about putting out the dirt also tells you the awareness that you are done with certain things in your life and/or relationships. The greater the amount of garbage you put out the more you leave behind and this can be forced but also voluntarily and/or from your soul, your source, your base.


Collecting garbage reflects opening old unhealthy patterns, hurting emotions, feelings, experiences that you can't part with - attracting that which no longer suits you but that you cannot part with. Not being ready for new things, letting go, sticking to unhealthy behaviors and thereby keep repeating the negative visual circle.


An alternative explanation is the energetic (spiritual) clearing of unhealthy negative energy. Throwing away, clearing soul lessons, karma, past lives, house cleaning, banishing negative things from your life. Yet another explanation is that you are (spiritually) energetically cleaning yourself, healing, healing and connecting with your guides and helpers through which you can attract new things into your life.

The product and/or the location where you are cleaning or tidying up tells you a lot about the subject you are currently working on in life and/or that which you can let go of.

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