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Hansel and Gretel dream picture

Published on 20 August 2021 at 07:00

A dream or vision about Hansel and Gretel tells you about cooperation, twin souls like a brother and sister. An unbreakable bond, regardless of the mutual obstacles and possible accusations. Another explanation is that Hansel and Gretel represented the balance between your masculine and feminine energy; the balance between give and take, finding the balance in every situation good, evil.


It's not black it's not white it's gray. Another explanation is that you feel that someone is taking advantage of your goodness, your knowledge, your patience and your courage. You must learn to overcome your fears and setbacks by believing in your true self.

Yet another explanation is that Hansel and Gretel dreams and visions appear when there is inner growth and development in the spiritual realm, awareness of the fact that there is magic, higher spiritual goals etc. An alternative explanation is that Witch in Hansel and Gretel represents the nature religion and that you recognize yourself in it in both a good and bad way; "white and black magic" explore the possibilities of nature magic and apply it appropriately in your life.




Candy house

Dreams and visions of a candy house tell you that your true heart longs for sweetness, for get well soon, love, warmth and happiness. Another explanation is that you have taken the right path towards the warm, sweet environment, love, warmth and happiness. A path you have been looking for in your life for a long time.


If you are eating your candy house in your dream or vision, it is telling you that your heart has succeeded in achieving its desires, love and sweetness and that you are becoming aware of victory.

But if you see the candy house with a witch next to it in your dream or vision, then it tells you that you have to overcome obstacles to receive the warmth, get well, love and happiness and that you first have to solve personal problems and put them behind you.

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