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Iron dream picture

Published on 22 August 2021 at 07:00

Dream about an iron, ironing reflect your daily experiences and desires! Think especially about how you deal with the situation that you can almost literally explain as straightening out your soul wrinkles, soul experiences, life experiences (inner qualities and your inner demons)

The creases are a reflection of how you feel and/or what you experience! The addition to this is that you become aware of your own behavior and/or the elimination of your mistakes, experiences, characteristics, and so on.


Dreams or visions where you are ironing indicates that you have a need to clean up in your life so that you have more insight. You are, as it were, putting pressure on everything you are currently connected to in your life; creating a new image or a new situation. 

This dream can be experienced both positively and negatively, it just depends on how you experience it and/or what you are trying to clear up and let go and so on. Alternatively, it can refer to a past life and/or an old experience that you need and/or process right now.


Yet another explanation is that your waking existence and/or inner laundry basket, your ironing is overflowing and that at a subconscious level you try to make yourself aware of your household tasks and obligations.

Pay close attention to what you are ironing - straightening! here is a clear clue to explain your dream.


Ironed and/or folded laundry therefore tells you a situation without and/or conquered soul wrinkles, soul experiences, life experiences (inner properties and demons). In other words, an almost perfect clean and tidy experience, situation and/or moment in your life that you can embrace. Overcoming that which you have longed for a long time and so on. An alternative supplement to this is wishing, dreaming, longing for the perfect picture, no matter what you had to do for it.

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