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Orange Dream Picture

Published on 25 August 2021 at 07:00

Orange is the color of fertility, health and joy, used for personal fertility or to make a project bear fruit and find personal happiness. Also with attraction, creativity, success, stimulation, the color orange appears in your dream or vision.

Orange is a mixture of red and yellow and belongs to Wednesday dream energy, in addition there is also the connection with your sensual and sexual energy and vibration. Dreams and visions about the color orange tell you about being limitless, but also procrastinating and embracing your full being. dreaming about orange brings fire, joy and zest for life, the feeling of life is a party experience this can be on a private level as well as at work or soul level.



Orange Candle

Using  orange candles if you want help with any of the above topics. With the orange candle you make contact with the afterlife, the guides and the air beings and/or work together with the element of air. The orange color ensures that the energy can flow from top to bottom, from the outside in. The Orange candles are suitable for meditations and spiritual rituals such as healing.




Additional dream information

Colors in your dream, it is not very common that you consciously dream about colors. They are often elements that you just happen to notice. We always dream in basic colours, brown, black or shades of gray. But when we dream in color it is often

For example a red car or a yellow door.... these colors have a special message for you and below you will find an explanation of this.

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