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Password Dream Picture

Published on 1 April 2019 at 14:53

Dreams or visions in which you need a password or code to open something tell you that you are becoming aware of the fact that you need to check whether you have all the correct and appropriate information to be able to open something. You are ready for changes, new possibilities and opportunities.

Follow your heart, your inner wisdom and you will reach the unknown. An important explanation is, the projection and reflection of your true wishes from your heart. Another explanation is that you become aware of the fact that a specific date and number can give you insight and knowledge about a situation.


A dream or vision of a wrong or different password or code tells you that you have not yet let go of your past, especially the feelings, emotions and problems that are still hidden. Find out what information and knowledge you lack. An alternative explanation is that you are not allowed to know what is behind the code yet. The unknown future is secured and will not open until everything is properly completed.


A dream or vision about an old password tells you about the need to continue on the past. You have started something new inwardly or outwardly and you realize that new things also require other inner codes. You feel stuck in the past and you are not yet in the present or the future.


A dream or vision in which you ask for a password tells you about asking for help and support to gain insights into the situation, or how to solve the problems. Another explanation is that you become aware of the fact that you can overcome the solution or the obstacle yourself by listening to your inner wisdom and knowledge.

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