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Cutlery dream picture

Published on 21 August 2021 at 15:30


If you dream or have a vision about a knife, it tells about wanting to express anger, aggression, pain, sadness and fear. Another explanation is that you need to dissolve a situation, obstacles or relationship in which you do not feel comfortable. You can also think about ending relationships and even cutting family ties. An addition to this is that there can be the energetic ties of cutting unhealthy relationships and/or putting an end to something that is no longer appropriate.

Yet another explanation is that you have the need to cut sores, problems, emotions, feelings from your body or your life, the awareness of the pain and finding solutions by removing it because it is not healthy. An alternative explanation is that you are living in a situation that is not harmonious that you have difficulty or cannot control.




Dreams and visions of a fork tell you that you are trying to get a grip on a situation or emotions, doubt in your life. Another explanation is that there is a bit of pent-up anger that needs to be expressed so that you can let it go. Yet another explanation is, experiencing connections that are short-lived, a temporary opportunity that comes your way.

Dreams or visions about a fork are about the connections you have walked, each leg of the fork reflects a part of yourself and/or the situation you are in. You can also think of the desire for more balance in life and/or not being well grounded and wanting to be more grounded and/or consciously working on this.




Dreams or visions of a spoon tell you that you want to gain insight into a certain situation and/or experience you are in. The amount you put on your spoon tells exactly what you are trying or want to carry. To dream of a spoon indicates what you attract to yourself, what you bring to you and/or how you handle it. Another explanation is that the spoon is connected to moisture such as soup and/or water, so that using the spoon also makes a connection with healing and healing, cleansing and cleaning.




Pay close attention to what the cutlery looks like, when it comes to dream interpretation this is a clear signal - which cutlery do you use, fork, spoon or knife? Also look carefully at how it is decorated, what you use it for, how it is laid out, color, smell, material and so on.


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