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Grasshopper dream picture

Published on 1 March 2020 at 16:28

Dreams or visions about a grasshopper tell you about the attempts to experience or gain freedom, but also the desire to do something new and impulsive behavior. Another explanation is lack of emotional support and satisfaction. Yet another explanation is that the grasshopper can also represent a period of transformation towards something new in your life, especially focused on the emotional and spiritual in your life.


An alternative explanation is that you have the feeling that you are not creative, cannot express yourself, have no inspiration, but that you also have no insight or view of a wish, project, dream or idea. To dream of a grasshopper tells you to travel across astral, stepping over obstacles and taking new steps forward. An addition to this is rapid transformation and changes in life and/or the situation you are in.


The grasshopper is the messages of affirmation, visualization, the law of attraction - that which you wish will come to you - provided you take action like the grasshopper. Another addition to this is that the grasshopper often appears to you during the harvest season, so that you can experience connection with summer and autumn (autumn dreams) energy.

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