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Yoga dream picture

Published on 29 August 2021 at 07:00

A dream or vision in which you practice yoga tells you about experiencing calmness and control over your body, mind and spirit. You have self-discipline and perseverance that you can use to achieve a good result. Another explanation is that you have to rest in order to make a good, fair and pure decision.


Yoga dreams also tell you something about the search for insight, dreams, visions and awareness of the fact that. these kind of dreams are about growth and development of your whole being!. As a spiritual dream supplement you can connect with your entire being reflected, aura, chakras and so on - but also your past lives and the cycle of the infinite process. The dimensions of this beautiful world and/or the world in which you live or have lived (higher step of life) the 5th, 6th, 7th dimensions that you walk and/or want to reach.


Yet another explanation is that there is a situation that has occurred in which you want to make an inner, calm or pure decision. You are looking for more balance between give and take. But also finding the balance in your work and home situation, in relationships and in your personal wishes.  

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