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Buzzard dream picture

Published on 30 August 2021 at 07:00

Dreams and visions in which the buzzard appears are about death and rebirth, finding a new vision and seeing new possibilities. The buzzard tells you about your way of life, your character traits and how you deal with them, but also how you present yourself to the world. Freedom, rule and authority. Also with the buzzard you should not forget that you are projecting yourself onto the buzzard: you represent the part of the animal.

You take a nosedive and take a lot of risk—a leap of faith perhaps—which can be reckless for other people, but you know very well where you want to go in life. The buzzard represents growth and development; have a totally new outlook on life; wisdom and insights that not everyone has are reflected here.


An important spiritual explanation is that the buzzard in connection with your insight, (seeing), your third eye, your crown chakra and of course the god Horus. Higher dimensions and the connection with your aura and your purest soul energy and vibration. Learn to fully trust your feeling, your intuition, your source, your base, your heart and so on. As an alternative explanation you can think of judging, judging including yourself when your deepest feeling is actually.

Another addition to this is the awareness of the fact that your opinion counts and/or that you listen more to other people's input or opinions. Outer appearance does not reflect the inside and/or the power, skill, wisdom and the connection that flows through from the soul.

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