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Feet dream picture

Published on 2 September 2021 at 07:00

Dreams or a vision of feet tell you about the way and how you stand on earth, your sensitivity, and emotions (the (directions of life you want to go) in balance or not in balance. Another explanation is, spirituality and the connections with the earth and the afterlife. An alternative explanation is that feet form the basis of your current existence and way of thinking. Dreams about your feet tell you something about the connections you make in both the present and in the past (past lives) .


Feet are of course also connected to your chakras and your whole being, aura and energy vibration. In addition, your feet can also reflect the roots of life and the connection with everything that has roots such as trees and plants and this again stands as an additional connection with the elemental beings. Each foot has an important approach, because all organs are represented in your feet, so you can also find a dream statement in this.



Dreams and visions about the left foot tell you, mobility but also independence, freedom and cooperation in life. Optimism, creative, love, feminine energy, feeling and sadness! What you are looking for and/or missing in your life and/or need or are allowed to express.


The right foot in your dream or vision tells you about stability as the basis of life but also simplicity, and the demand for recognition in life. Joy, desire, desire, aggression and decisiveness, masculine energy, attachment and control, fear and insecurity. What you are looking for, and / or missing in your life and / or need or may express.


So pay close attention to where you walk in the dream, where you put your feet and/or which foot it is, this tells you a lot about how you can explain the dream.

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