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Orca dream picture

Published on 3 September 2021 at 07:00

Dreaming or a vision of an orca is connected to your pure soul and reflects the qualities needed and/or the character traits you possess. Challenge, undertaking, playing, experiencing higher energy and higher vibration in life. You go for gold, but you have to travel a longer way before you reach your goal, wish and/or life path. Dreams and visions about the killer whale are about being both aware and unaware of your negative and positive qualities.


In addition, the killer whale can represent the inner anger, inner demons, the unpredictable as well as warmth and affection. The orca is aggressive, so can come out quickly and dangerously, but can also be loving if it is the right time and / at the right time. The killer whale is also known as the wolf of the sea. The pent-up anger and anger are not expressed properly, and need to be explored. The killer whale, of course, remains a mammal just like the dolphins, and therefore also stands for spiritual guidance, intelligence, mental qualities and confidence.



If the orca comes very close to you and or touches you, this indicates healing, seeing possibilities, primal power, and having faith in the spiritual or the hereafter.


When you release the killer whale in your dream or vision it tells you that you have found the strength to overcome your fears, anger, old pains and aggression You are as it were reconnected with the universe, your higher purpose, you find it balance in your life and/or in the situation.

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