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Orchid dream picture

Published on 4 September 2021 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about an orchid foretell your luxury, love, beauty and strength. It is also a spiritual flower that gives a lot of insight and connection with the deceased loved one in the afterlife. Another explanation is that the orchid represents an inner love and beauty, regardless of its outer appearance.

An alternative explanation is that the orchid represents the shadow side of your beauty, beautiful on the outside, a bit dark on the inside, or that you are difficult to fathom.


The orchid as a plant in your dream or vision tells you about the connection with your own roots, the basis of your family or your life, but also about the spiritual connection that results from that. A spiritual explanation is that the orchid represents connection with the higher energies and higher vibrations such as the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th dimensions.


Spiritual Flower information of the orchid (Latin name)  Phalaelopsis. The orchid blooms in a place where it is almost impossible to arise and/or to flower. Between dark and light, between shadow and sunshine - between the old and the new in your life, between your inner demons and joy.

That which you thought was no longer possible, that which you thought could not come your way and that which deep down you are afraid, anxious, nervous, unexpectedly blossoms.


Perhaps you have found a creative solution, or between the dark moment and see something miraculous appear. My dear, you see opportunities where no one else sees them by playfully dealing with the possibilities. From your inner demons, fears, sadness you can grow, develop and arise the most beautiful inspiring flowers, from small steps and a lot of patience the best and most solid plans arise that are successful in the longer term.

You have the knowledge and skills, opportunities and possibilities in-house to bloom just like the orchid where no one sees their chances. It may be that you have had to wait a long time, have to put a stop to it and/or that you think it will never end. Come to you unexpectedly that which reflects your deepest desires, all by believing in your own strength and ability. Enjoy opening every flower and every progress you make.

You may feel alone, but don't worry; other people get inspired by your high flight. Although the great height or depth you are in can also be really very heavy, you are able to shine and be beautiful - and attract to you that which is heavenly and pure.


The Orchid tells you a lot about yourself, it reflects your whole being, your heart, your head, your arms and your legs are represented in the flower and the roots represent your feet - your base - of course. Discover your true self, where others cannot reach, where others stop you continue. You remain in connection with your third eye, the right sight - your inner signals continue to direct you.


Between dark and light, where the shadow side is present. But even where the light sometimes lets its energy shine, you see the opportunities and take the opportunities to shine. You see the unique opportunities, you are unique and different from everyone around you, you are stronger in your shoes and stand up for yourself.


The orchid helps you to heal and heal and especially to fly out, spread your wings and have confidence in your own strength and development. With that you can, as it were, touch the right parts of your chakra, your body, your energy, your soul. The Orchid grows little by little, from eye to eye, and it is those eyes that are on the stem that give the inner wisdom a confirmation every time that you are on the right path and/or that you need to make adjustments.

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