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Station / Platform dream picture

Published on 5 September 2021 at 11:32

Dreams and visions about a station, platform tell you that you are about to embark on an inner or outer journey, you are going to take a new path and take on new chances and possibilities to realize your dream, wish, ideas.

An important explanation is that the station and platform can also represent a temporary stopover, a step in place, rest, insight and awareness, and let everything sink in before you continue on your journey.


Another explanation is doubt about what you want or where your life is going. An important explanation is that the station or platform represents a part of your true self, your heart, you are the starting point, the end point or the stopover, but above all the reflection of your wishes and dreams that you may become aware of.



If you are standing at the station, platform and missing the train in your dream or vision, then this tells you that you are not ready for the new journey, possibilities and gaining knowledge. Another explanation is that you feel that you have made the wrong choices or that you are on the wrong track; follow your heart and you will find answers.

Yet another explanation is the awareness of ending a journey that you were on, or that you are aware that you are just not ready for something new in your life.


If you walk across the station, platform and there is no train in your dream or vision then it is telling you that you are ready to make the journey, but there are no options for you to continue your journey yet, please be patient is then important.

Another explanation is that you experience a stopover in your journey that you are making, take a step back and relax. Yet another explanation is figuring out what opportunities and possibilities there are, and especially listening to your inner wisdom.

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