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Watering can dream picture

Published on 7 September 2021 at 07:56

Watering can dreams or visions are about expressing and letting go of that which has to flow from deep within, in other words can be expressed. Dreams about a watering can are about your emotions, feelings and filling up, the heaviness is determined by the watering can. Pay close attention to the contents of the watering can.

So this reflects what you need right now, what you are experiencing and so on. You are, as it were, symbolically the watering can, but also that which is in it (the water) and that which you give water.


Another explanation is that the watering can is connected with caring, paying attention to your planned seeds. You can think of planting, caring for and harvesting and so on. The awareness of the fact that you have to take care of dreams, pay attention to them or else it will not be successful. In addition, the watering can also represent work, or mental, spiritual and physical work, you have to do something for it, it does not happen by itself.


Another explanation is that the watering can is connected with water, especially with that of a waterfall or river. It reflects the womb of life, the beginning, the foundation, your start, your soul. Without water there are no chances for new ideas and the fertilization of your plans and wishes. In addition, the watering can with water tells you something about emotions, feelings and life experiences that may be expressed. The faster the water flows, the more feelings that have come to a certain point in your life and/or situation.

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