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Hands dream picture

Published on 8 September 2021 at 08:24

Dreams or visions about hands tell you about the way of making contact with everything around you, the hand sends out stimuli, both positive and negative. Another explanation is that the hand is a mirror or reflection of the energy of the giver and receiver. Yet another explanation is the reflection between the boundaries and the connection you make between people and the afterlife.

Your fingers are your signposts, your soul route and your deepest wishes and dreams become consciously visible as a result. It is the connection with the cosmic and also connected with your chakras, your aura, your whole being and your body. You can think of your heart, your lungs, liver and so on, all currents come together in your hands.


Hand dreams are a soul imprint, your life guides and the blueprint of your whole being this is reflected in your dreams or visions. As it were you show yourself the way, this is where I want to go as a soul and/or this is the right direction. Hand dreams are very deeply connected with awareness of your entire being, your assignments and your life directions, it is in contact with everything around you, both soul-bound and earthly.


The left hand in your dream or vision tells you about the creative feeling, the expressions, not to mention the emotions.

The right hand in your dream or vision is therefore your feeling hand, and reflects your intentions and your feeling.


Dreams or visions about a broken hand also tell you about broken connections, emitting negative energy or not indicating your limits. Of course, a broken hand is also connected with the feeling of not knowing where you want to go, experiencing no soul connection and/or disruption and so on.

Dreams or visions about a bruised hand also tell you about obstacles, negative feelings, the disconnection (damaged) connection with your whole being and so on. Sending out a negative energy or not indicating your limits so that you experience a feeling of not being yourself and/or not making progress.


So pay close attention to what you use hands for, and what you are holding in the dream. Note which fingers you use or see and/or which hand it is this tells you a lot about how to interpret the dream.



Short dreams explanation about your fingers


The thumb reflects willpower and perseverance and shows if you like to assert your authority.

Dreaming the index finger reflects your ego, being human and being earthbound.

The middle finger dreams give structure to your life. But dreaming about the middle finger can alternatively also indicate loneliness and avoidance of responsibilities.

Ring finger dreams tell you something about creativity and firepower, self-esteem, relationships and bondage.

Pink dreams are connected with yoga and karma flow, aura and awareness

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