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Carpet / Floor covering dream picture

Published on 13 September 2021 at 07:00

When you dream or see a vision about a carpet, rug, carpet, this tells you something about the way you protect yourself against the sometimes harsh reality or reality of life. Another dream or vision explanation is that the carpet represents luxury, comfort or wealth in life. It's the way you approach life; how you are grounded, how you stand with bare feet and how you look at life.


A carpet, rug also hides the (perfect) unevenness, the perfect imbalance of your soul, your soul mission in life and/or the situation you are in. An alternative explanation is carpet, rug, carpeting can indicate a feeling of something that is worn out, it tells you about adversity, loss of heat, no comfort, losing your dignity in a project or in your life. Another explanation is the conscious experience of poverty and loneliness and problems that do not bother you.

The important explanation is that you reflect the carpet, rug, carpet! You can think of deep pile, worn, holes, color, material and so on that what you see in your dream or vision is how your soul experiences it regardless of the situation (the is your basis) - pay close attention to this when you are going to explain the dream.



If you want to hide something under the rug, clothe in your dream or vision then this tells you about hiding from yourself and shifting the obstacle that is difficult to overcome. You put this problem under your skin, as it were, deep within yourself, your source, your heart, your base, your whole being. So it could be something that you really can't or don't want to overcome and/or that you are completely absorbed. An unhealthy basis, old wounds are still present, past life experiences that are under your skin and so on.

Be aware that sooner or later things like this always resurface, that you have to clean it up anyway. In addition, there can also be a fear of facing things and/or that there is shame. Another explanation is that you consciously put something away for a moment to review it later, at the right time, in the right way or time and so on. With these kind of dreams or visions always listen to your feeling is it positive or negative and so on.



Weaving a carpet, cloth and/or working on it tells you the making, connection of a solid foundation. It is the way you want to present yourself, how you feel and how you see the world. Putting together the red thread, life thread, soul mission and so on. You are the cloth, the thread, the person who makes it, sews it, and also puts it in your house. Your base has been formed and now you are going to assemble it and/or become aware of it.

A very important explanation is the creation of new connections, lines, connections and energetic forces reflected. Another explanation is weaving your own life (web) carpet, a cloth of things, people, situations that are important to you.

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