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Switch dream picture

Published on 14 September 2021 at 07:00

A switch in your dream or vision tells you about consciously turning on guidance, hope, inspiration, (inner) enlightenment and confirmation in life. The switch reflects your energy and especially your heart, your source, your base, the flow that runs to and from it, so the switch always reflects something very close that can be turned on or stopped correctly. This can be light or dark, knowledge, wisdom, fear, anger, sadness, emotions, time, insight, inner flow and so on.


Another explanation is about insights, solutions, finding the way in life, follow your feelings and listen to your true self. You see the opportunities, you are the light in the situation or possibility. You are the person who pushes the switch and the switch itself that is, as it were, flipped.


An additional explanation is that the switch also reflects your energy, your pause button, your stop button. It tells you something about your strength, your ability and your energy to stop or turn on at the right time. A switch literally reflects how you feel physically and mentally. It tells you something about how you deal with everything around you that consumes, eats and attracts energy. But also how to divide it and how to let it flow - it can be experienced both positively and negatively.


Another addition is that the switch also reflects your limits, this is allowed in and I don't want that. You can think of the connection with your aura and your Solar Plexus Chakra, Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra because they are connected to this. The feeling of an external influence pushing the stop button or turning you on as it were can also be reflected in this dream.


Pay close attention to where the switch is on this tells you a lot about how to interpret the dream - house, computer, work, wall, indoor, outdoor, phone, tablet, navigation, camera and so on.

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