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Date palm / Date branch dream picture

Published on 18 September 2021 at 07:00

The date palm in your dream or vision tells you that you are finding the help, it provides a gentle and purifying inner growth that gives you the right energy so that you can find the right path. You reap the fruits of everything you have planted in the past. It is the soft energy that touches you so deeply, makes you shine but especially touches your deepest core; look a little deeper, fathom yourself, dig a little further than you would at first.


The date palm, date branch also gives a reference to your roots, your base, your heart, all your chakras and your soul roots. It reflects your attitude to life. With the addition of awareness of your past, present and future, but especially how you look at it and/or how firmly your roots of life are in the ground. It is the growth potential, the fruit (date) therefore represents a spiritual pregnancy of your dreams, wishes and idea. It can of course also reflect a fertility, baby and pregnancy coming to you and/or present in your life.



The spiritual message of the beautiful date (Latin name) Phoenix Dectylifera. The date brings you the inner peace you are looking for, it is soothing and relaxing. The date gives you the right amount of energy to explore everything…. Your past, your present and even your future plans become visible when you allow the date into your life.

The date strengthens the deepest connection with yourself, your self and therefore supports your daydreams, meditations and visions in a great way. The date touches your crown chakra, gives you balance and supports your feminine energy; the date provides a balance between work and private life, between dreams, wishes and reality. The date has an inner calm and effective effect on your whole being, spiritual growth and development are therefore accelerated. It is the date that touches you so deeply on a relaxing level, peace and balance. Spiritual lessons and beliefs, sharing the energy together.

Like-minded people who have a higher vibration, the date is connected to 5th, 6th and even 7th dimension energy and especially touches the higher spiritual dimensions and vibrations.


Open yourself to the beautiful energy that you can receive from the date so that your chakras your spiritual being, your soul, spirit and the universe come together completely. You will awaken, you will feel the vibration of the higher energy that is present around you but until now perhaps was not noticeable or tangible.

You experience growth and development on a personal level, but you can also think about life lessons from past lives and prepare for future lessons. In addition, the date, date branch, date bark, date root cancels out the negative energy, magic, ritual and other (negative, dark energy) forms that are attached to you, and / or where you do not feel comfortable.


The deep connection with spirit, universe and your soul family. Let the soft date energy flow and open your heart to work-life balance, give and take and balance between your feminine and masculine energy. It is the date that appeals to you or do you address the date yourself?.


Destiny, It must have been experience gives way to I can do things, dreams come true, positive thoughts provide wonderful opportunities and possibilities there is more than just this. It is an awareness process that is touched by the date branch and causes very gentle but deep positive changes. You experience the highest vibration on a spiritual level, waking up from your spiritual sleep, finding like-minded people and growing into the higher spiritual frequencies.

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