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Binge Watching droom picture

Published on 19 September 2021 at 07:00

To dream that you are Binge Watching tells you that you are passively watching life pass you by. It also stands for wanting insights into what you have experienced in the past. During Binge watching it is important that you check what is parallel to your own life and especially your waking life.


In addition, watching series can also reflect addictive behavior in your waking life. In addition to this, constantly repeating situations, experiences and emotions, feelings and so on, as if you always want to evoke the feeling, you can experience this both positively and negatively. In these kinds of dreams and visions there is a great awareness of the fact that you are projecting yourself onto the series, the protagonist, the emotion and everything it evokes in you.


The characters represent your own character traits, it is your personal life experience. Another explanation is that you allow self-reflection as a series to learn from this. An important explanation is that Binge Watching is the reflection, impression or reflection of what you have watched, as if you are reliving it and recognizing yourself in it.


Dreams and visions about a series (Binge Watching) also indicate a creative force, attracting what you want in life; make dreams come true; visualize and manifest and so on. Yet another explanation is that the series represents the reflection the question is what do I want; where is it going and getting the right knowledge, insight and possibilities.

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