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Rapunzel dream picture

Published on 20 September 2021 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about Rapunzel indicate feeling trapped in a situation or relationship, you need to look for solutions. These kinds of dreams are always about your own limitations, boundaries and stuck experiences. You may feel that you are out of reach for people, as if you live in a high tower and no one likes you. 

This can be spiritual as well as spiritual, but also physical and/or external appearance. The tower reflects your own boundaries, your personal tower, your heart, your source, your base and especially limited to the outside world or yourself.



The other side also represents poverty, adversity this can be both spiritual and waking existence poverty. An additional explanation is a feeling statement of maybe you don't have the ability to get out of trouble or obstacles. Another explanation is that wealth is not always in money or material happiness, but also in other forms such as time, knowledge, possibilities and wisdom, inner happiness and health. In addition, rapunzel also stands for negative experiences with authority and not having the ability to make decisions for oneself at the moment and/or have the feeling that things are already set (no own destiny).



Rapunzel dreams can be compared to prison dreams and tower dreams.

As an additional dream statement, rapunzel also stands for perseverance, shielding you from negative energy, vibration and spiritual people / situations that you do not want to attract and so on. High sensitivity and isolation from the outside world, protection of your life purpose, goals and/or assignments. Seeking the connection with higher dimensions and soul gates, the universe, god, angels, guides and/or with which you have a connection.

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