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Explosion dream picture

Published on 22 September 2021 at 08:03

A dream or vision of an explosion, bomb tells you that you may be going through a difficult period full of obstacles. Suppressed anger, pain, sadness, emotions, fear, stress and unrequited desires are about to explode. An alternative explanation is that you are quite radical in cleaning up, so that you destroy everything in your path. Watch very closely what explodes this tells you a lot about how to explain the dream and/or how you feel, what you experience and so on.


An important explanation is that you yourself reflect the fight, the explosion, the bomb and so on, you project this onto your entire dream and/or you experience this in your waking existence. It is your own anger, fear, sadness emotions (inner war, inner demons) and so on that are very much needed to be expressed. Another explanation is that you have difficulty with things like passivity, aggression, authority and dependence. Dreams such as explosion, war, fear and anger are very deeply connected with traumas and life experiences, burnout, stress and everything that touches your deepest feeling in both your current life and, for example, previous lives.


The spiritual addition to this is that there can be a connection with the fire beings such as dragons, fire divas and/or other primordial beings and the first human and/or the primordial blow and elemental beings. An additional spiritual explanation is that there can be spiritual change towards higher dimensions, and/or lower dimensions, aura and chakras that are out of balance. As if you may become aware of the fact that you are transforming physically and on a soul level. You can experience this both positively and negatively.

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