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Jealous dream picture

Published on 24 September 2021 at 07:00

A dream or vision in which you are jealous often tells you that there is jealousy in waking existence; this can be experienced both positively and negatively. Another explanation is vulnerability, fears and feelings that do not benefit your self-confidence. Yet another explanation is the need for recognition for hard work. These kinds of dreams do not indicate so much that in your waking existence you are jealous, whether or not the self-blame or fear about negative behavior or experience (past life and/or trauma, memory) of the moment.


Dreams in which you have a negative experience (being jealous) when it comes to your behavior then this is often a reflection of yourself, a point of recognition, a reflection or awareness of yourself and/or everyone involved. It is a waking moment that influences the processing, your soul lessons and this can be experienced and/or explained both positively and negatively.


It is a feeling and depending on your personal frame of reference you act after this - it is not a reproach to... it is rather a moment of awareness and/or a situation in which you may or may not have acted correctly (what you do with it) and/or learning the lesson is much more important than blaming yourself and/or everyone involved. You yourself experience this, no one else experiences or feels this.

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