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Newspaper dream picture

Published on 25 September 2021 at 09:24

To dream of a newspaper indicates that you want insight into a situation that is beyond your control. Another explanation is the desire for recognition, wealth and status, but also wanting help and support in your loneliness or in a difficult time. The newspaper reflects your soul, you are the newspaper yourself. You symbolically read your soul pages, your package insert, your description and what obstacles and experiences that come with it.


You have to pay very close attention to what you read, what is written in the newspaper in your dream or vision, because this is an indication in which you want insight or what you want to achieve, what kind of recognition you want to receive and from whom; maybe your own.

Each article reflects you and/or everyone involved (feeling, emotions, experiences, anger, fear, laughter, crying). The article is, as it were, your soul, your source, your base, your heart, your whole being. Another explanation is experiencing your calmness, inner peace and balance between your masculine and feminine energy.



The newspaper is the awareness of the fact that.... gaining insight into yourself and everything you are going through in the past, present and in the unknown future. Another explanation is wanting to find knowledge, interests, intelligence, information and wisdom related to the past and present, or perhaps to catch a glimpse of the still unknown future.


Another explanation is that the newspaper wants to make you aware that education or a course is a good next step in your life, or that writing or reading books is part of your life goal.

So pay attention, is it in color, what picture do I see, paper, what is written and how I experience it, feeling and intuition so that you can properly explain the dream.

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