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Dragonfly dream picture

Published on 27 September 2021 at 07:00

Dreams or a vision about a dragonfly are very special, they portend the possibility of taking on new opportunities, which are mainly focused on spring. The dragonfly is in connection with the higher energy, the universe and the higher purpose in your life; you can also think of spiritual growth and development and seeing or experiencing signals.


In addition, the dragonfly can also represent a connection with illusion and/or fantasy, the connection with other dimensions, gates and unlimited possibilities. Dreaming about a dragonfly also tells you something about wisdom and the truth in every situation you are in, so this is also connected with the truth for yourself and the wisdom to look deep into your own soul, truth.


Another explanation is that the dragonfly indicates your libido, sexual feelings and fertile opportunities. A dragonfly is like the ladybug and bringer of love and luck, but it also indicates your missed opportunities.

An alternative explanation is that the dragonfly tells you that you need freedom and happiness, but that this can be short-lived. Messages, news, contact moments from the universe, your guides, your helpers and/or deceased loved ones, soul mates, twin souls.

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