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Dreams provide insight into my (heart) personal process?

A dream consists of images and sounds that you experience while you sleep. Dreams are an important part of sleep, and you do an average of four to five times a night. You dream to process your life experiences and to give them a place. It often happens that when you wake up, you cannot remember a dream or you are not aware of the dream. Dream fear is real!



But you really dream every night - even animals dream - to accommodate the experiences of your daily life. So you dream to process your daily activities, what you have experienced during the day, what you have felt, seen, heard, but also what occupies and occupies you emotionally. The unhealthy dream highway


And of course you also dream to express your subconscious ideas, plans, wishes and creative ideas and, last but not least, find information to find answers.


You also process negative experiences, quarrels, doubts, jealousy, a lost loved one, or your most deep, true feelings. You cannot function properly without this method of processing. Sleep paralysis


In addition, dreams give a "hint" to the future: what do you want to learn or experience in your life? When you dream, your brain starts working, clearing and structuring in order to create space again for new information that you receive the next day and that you learn from. This way you prevent mental overload and that is why sleep is very important. 


You sleep in different phases.


✔ The light sleep,

✔ De Remslaap, is an abbreviation for Rapid Eye Movement,

✔Followed by non REM sleep.

✔ Dreams are mainly done during REM sleep and only 1 or 2 minutes in non REM sleep.

✔Sleep can be divided into dozing, light sleep followed by deep sleep, delta sleep and finally REM sleep.

✔ During the dozing, you have your eyes closed and you sink further and further into a light sleep;

✔ Light sleep is the first real sleep experience of about half an hour.

✔ Deep sleep and delta sleep is also half an hour of sleep, but really deep; here you come to rest;

✔ Finally, it turns into REM sleep, in which you dream.

✔ The first 3 hours you sleep a lot and you don't experience much REM sleep and often you cannot remember this.

✔ After 4 hours of sleep, real sleep diminishes slightly and we become more aware of dreams.

✔But only after 6 hours of sleep can you consciously remember your dreams because your deep sleep decreases and you experience more REM sleep.



✔Baby's sleep about 15 per day and it is half REM sleep;

✔ Toddlers sleep for about 12 hours and 3 hours of REM sleep;

✔ When we are 9 years old, we need less sleep, about 10 hours of which 2 hours is REM sleep;

✔ Adults sleep an average of 8 hours, of which 2 hours is REM sleep;

✔ Older people only sleep 6 hours a night, of which 1 hour is REM sleep




We do not dream much in relation to the number of hours we sleep, so it is also common that we cannot remember the dreams. It is also common that the dreams have no real value to indicate, but all the small dreams together do give you insight into how you feel and what you want in your life, or what obstacles you have overcome.



Are There Any Differences Between Men's and Women's Dreams?


✔Yes, there are indeed differences between women and men who dream.

✔ Women often remember dreams better than men;

✔ Women have more REM sleep;

✔Men sleep deeper; Male Dreams & Visions

✔ Women dream more or more intensely in judging;

✔ Men are more likely to have physical aggression dreams;

✔ Women are more likely to dream about verbal aggression;

✔Men's dreams more often take place in the open air;

✔ Women more often dream that they are indoors;

✔Men dream more often about eroticism and sensual feelings




Woman dreams


The female body cycle affects the woman's dreams; during menstruation the woman dreams differently and often the color red and running water appear in it. But dreams of loss, death and injury also occur. Pregnant women are very sensitive to dreams and they often deal with fertility such as swimming in water, fish, frogs or an ex-lover. 

The woman also dreams more because she also sleeps more, and she experiences it much more intensely because the body is changing. Dreaming during pregnancy is therefore a reflection of what the woman is going through physically. Pregnant women often dream about their mothers and baby names. But also fear dreams that something will go wrong during pregnancy. 




Babies and toddlers


The dreams of babies and toddlers are often about the womb, or about the emotions and vibrations they have acquired there. But, of course, babies and toddlers also dream about the feelings and protections of father and mother that are experienced.





Children dream more often at night and more intensively than adults do. And above all very imaginative: a landscape that children create indicates desires that they have heard, seen or read from other children.  Children Dreams & Visions 

But don't forget that childhood dreams also come from somewhere; For example, feeling left out, being bullied, having adjustment problems, or not being in the right school or place. So the fantasy is to protect oneself from the outside world. No one can approach or attack this fantasy world because they created it themselves.  Scary dreams tips 




Special dreamers

Blind people dream in black, white and / or brown / cream.


If you are color blind, you often dream in the same kinds of color shades that you perceive during the day. You can think of different shades of brown and gray. But also different types of green or orange, blue and so on.



Do animals dream too?

Animals dream, and they dream for the same reason as humans about everything they have experienced and what they process to absorb new information. Reptiles and fish do not dream. 




Influence your dreams dromen

Externe factoren kunnen invloed hebben op je dromen, je droomt bijvoorbeeld rond volle maan intensiever dan op andere dagen. Tijdens de feestdagen ben je gevoeliger voor dromen. Maar ook rond de jaarwisseling kun je bijzondere dromen hebben en vaak heeft dit te maken met het afsluiten en opruimen van een periode, zodat je het nieuwe jaar met een schone lei kunt beginnen. Ga je naar bed met negatieve emoties en gedachte dan kan dit van grote invloed zijn op je dromen, omdat deze vaak uitmonden in nachtmerries of eindigen met een trieste afloop. 

Visions are images that you experience and that you receive through your third eye, also called your mind's eye. In many cases you experience or experience a situation as a spectator and you rarely have any influence on it. Having a vision is very impressive, in the sense of experiencing extreme changes, a different time, different people, sometimes heavy emotions and feelings, and often you also smell other smells that you don't know and speak a different language.


You receive a vision when you are in a specific or personal, spiritual state, completely cut off from the outside world. Visions can be evoked during a meditation or spiritual gathering, a tranche and hypnosis, or while listening to personal music. Images can also evoke a vision.


Visions of the future often involve seeing completely new environments about the future, perhaps even seeing death, a birth, emotions, fear, sadness, obstacles and new relationships and smells that you do not know, but can give a place to. . Visions from your past or from a past life are often accompanied by extreme shifts from time from the 21st century to the distant past, but also emotions, sadness, fear and other smells and feelings that you cannot place but can give a place . Visions are very impressive and stay with you for a very long time.


They affect your feelings and emotions. Most importantly, visions come from your pure true "I", your soul, your innermost being that wants to pass on a message to you so that you can act and learn from it.



Then what is the difference between dreams and visions?


You dream when you sleep to process your emotions during the day. Sometimes you can consciously adjust your dream, but you can just have a vision in broad daylight and you can hardly control or control it.


But the main difference is that a vision is or can always be realistic. It is often something that has already happened in this life, or maybe in a previous life; or it is something that has yet to come your way in this life or in a next life. Dreams, on the other hand, are a processing of your daily life and worries, and therefore a reflection of how you live in life now or in the short past.


The similarities between dreams and visions Both visions and dreams are images, experiences, impressions and emotions from your innermost inner self that give you an answer to all your questions and doubts, emotions, problems and your feelings.


But especially the symbolic meaning associated with it corresponds to dreams and visions. The images and the symbolic explanation can help you take a first step in search of your deepest answers, desires, questions and feelings.






Types of dreams and visions




Lucid dreams

Lucid dreams are also referred to as "clear-minded" experiences. You are aware that you are experiencing your dream so that you also experience it intensively. You can also partly shape your dream yourself, fly in your dream and experience special colors. You can overcome phobias, fears and problems, or experience a past life by lucid dreaming. You experience it so intensively that everything seems real: people are real, landscapes are realistic, but it is also possible to highlight things that are impossible, such as weird colors, bizarre buildings and red trees and animals.

There are not many people who have a lucid dream every day, and can interpret and process the dream in its entirety. But anyone can learn it, although it takes a lot of patience and persistence. Most people who get it done after months of practice will be the first to fly in their dream, often followed by seeing unnatural colors and shapes. 




Astral Projection or Near Death Experience

There are people who experience astral projection through trauma or acute pain and we also call this out-of-body experience or NDE: "near death experience." The astral projection takes place uncontrollably and unexpectedly after a trauma or extreme acute pain and is therefore seen as a disembodiment. The moment you make an astral projection, the soul leaves the body by detaching itself from your earthly or physical body. To make a conscious astral journey takes a lot of practice, and this takes a lot of time and energy.


There are people who have mastered astral projection through practice, and then it can no longer be connected with an NDE but with conscious and controlled disembodiment. There is no need to fear an NDE or a spontaneous or uncontrolled astral projection, for your soul remains connected by means of an etheric umbilical cord, as one can call it in a beautiful word. However, caution is advised, and you should not experiment without studying the matter of astral travel and its consequences. 




Recurring dreams or visions

Recurring dreams or visions are dreams and visions in which the most important elements, the theme, certain persons, a conflict or an outcome appear unchanged in at least two dreams in succession. The dream or vision can come unchanged for months, or sometimes years.

You may also think that the dream has changed superficially. But that is usually not the case. What is important is that every time you have this dream or vision, you are emotionally different. These dreams and visions have a double message: it is time that you start thinking carefully about how you should continue in life, after all, the dream or vision does not repeat itself for nothing. It tells you a vision of the future that you should definitely pay attention to. Another explanation is that recurring dreams say there is an unresolved emotion that needs to be released.





Daydreaming is a form of manifesting and daily realization of your wishes and inner desires that you have in your life. With daydreams you listen to your heart and thus you can make progress in finding your life purpose on Earth. Daydreaming or seeing visions is necessary to facilitate life and to prosper the development and personal growth of your wellbeing of mind, soul, and body.



Meditation visions and dreams

This is a form of growth, development and awareness that you can experience during your meditation. It rests the soul and mind so that everything can be overseen, experienced and remembered again. You often close after a meditation with the feeling that you have closed something in your life.

Meditation is a crucial point in your life for your development. If you do not practice meditation, your development will stop and grow at a point. Meditation visions and dreams can also show the future or possibilities, so that you can get started. A meditation can also bring out your desires and wishes.




Predictive dreams

Predictive dreams in which you see the future are rare, and when it is, we are hardly ever aware of it. Predictive dreams can therefore be described as spiritual, intuitive or 6th sense dreams. The purpose of life or your destiny reveals itself to your subconscious so that you can act on this information.

We use the unconsciously sensitive knowledge by listening to our soul and receiving messages about the future. Every person is sensitive, only with one it reveals itself and with the other it remains hidden. You have to be very careful that future wishes or your life purpose and destiny depend on the action we take - or don't take - in life. So your dream can change both positively and negatively with every choice you make and create a new future.



Dreams from the past

It is not often that we have dreams from the past; and often we cannot remember them. Even when seeing the past, it is a message that you must and may process. It could be related to a past life, a karma problem, or some other soul obstacle.




Spiritual dreams and visions

Being spiritual and dreams and visions are close to each other. It is often seen as one by many people; if you are spiritual then that includes being aware of dreams and visions! ... But is that also the case? Explaining dreams is originally a psychology.

So in the first sense it has nothing to do with being spiritual, etc. It often occurs "Yes", it is a part that comes as added value because when you are spiritual you dig into your soul stirrings and your life lessons. As I have already described, the origins of western dreams and visions do not have a spiritual basis but for that you have to understand a little bit the history of dream analysis; a fun fact is that the spiritual interfaces are clearly present. Is dreamwork spiritual?

Modern dream analysis

Today many are engaged in dream analysis. When psychiatry was still in its infancy, it was an area that was only entered by doctors. Gradually, as it became clear that the psyche is very complex, despite the theories of people like Freud and Jung, psychotherapy developed more and more into a non-medical discipline. Yet there are clear drawbacks to the approaches of the various analytic directions, as they state that most dreams have only one origin. Most consider dreams to be products that sprouted only from the psyche.


Many people have bad dreams and seek advice from friends, clergy, doctors, social workers, psychics, astrologers and tarot readers. All these social workers base their analysis on the philosophy they adhere to. This is also a problem in many other areas of life, we ask the opinion of an expert and hardly realize that the expert is someone who knows a lot about a single subject. In other words, the expert bases his knowledge on a certain premise and analyzes everything from that point of view - however limited it may be.


So there are many kinds of interpretations that we are using at the moment, and most of them have a basis or ground towards the knowledge of Freud, Jung and Adler. In addition, we also use many spiritual and personal experiences during dream interpretation.




Explain spiritual dream, mediumistic, and explain psychological dream


There are many forms of dream explanation nowadays - you have spiritual dream, psychological and there are even new alternative forms in which mediumistic forms are used.

The psychological methods are based on the knowledge of Freud, Jung and Adler they are the founders of the dream explanations. This knowledge is based on the human being, on the functioning of the brain and often look at it from “the person himself”, and not from the environment or external factors. Dreams are a processing of your daily obstacles. You have to process these stimuli, feelings and emotions to make room in your head so that you can receive new stimuli the next day well rested.



By looking deeply into the personal experience, examining all the details and surroundings, you can uncover the deepest secrets that you cannot find any other way. Also, the past is often looked at and external factors are investigated and so you come to a great dream statement that ensures processing of the obstacles. - often used during therapy or a substitute for therapy - because it can find the problem so deeply and bring people to an awareness that is truly successful. There are many psychologists who consider it an outdated method; and perceived it as inadequate, as today's complex problems can be explored and resolved at other levels as well.




This has caused a shift between psychological methods and the alternative way of explaining a spiritual dream.


Explaining a spiritual dream arose from the history of psychological methods and that of sensitivity, intuition, not to mention the life experience. This method is much more accessible and easier to understand for many people than the often deep and heavy psychological insight that not everyone can / wants to understand.


In addition, not everyone immediately goes to a psychologist when there are problems or sleep obstacles and emotions. Often the dream statement can be understood by everyone and it is also much more logical to place it in your daily life. Often the obstacle and the problem are found and the wound processed according to the awareness and processing of the human being.


However, there is a danger; and that is ignorance there are many spiritual dream explainers who claim to understand the way of explaining dreams but in practice this turns out not to be the case and people do not see this; and take it for granted. It is a good, clear method that provides insight and can raise awareness and also leave a deep impression and experience the processing and personal growth.




The newest way of explaining dreams has been developed by mediums.


These mediums or psychics make use of their mediumistic gift to read you and thereby explain your dream. These mediums, psychics often have no education or such background of the basics but just read your energy and give their explanation.


It is often easy for humans to explain and link it to daily life, however, the dream is discarded because it has not been explained or that the wound has not been found. - it therefore remains an open book and is ultimately not processed. But for the people it is a possibility of recognition in the current situation they are in and that can sometimes be enough. Temporary insights and small obstacles this is quite a good method, but not recommended for deep life questions and processing.





My dream and vision translations


I make use of a combination of the knowledge of Freud, Jung and Adler and spiritual; with a touch of shamanism. So I use psychologically based theory as well as the knowledge of the spiritual and developed understanding of mankind and my personal frame of reference. Every way of spiritual explanation has a connection with your personal frame of reference (frame of reference your life story, your energy, religion, belief and the way you grew up) that determines how you react and act on things.


So if you feel attracted by my statement, writing, story, etc. then you suddenly find a similar frame of reference, they also call this resonance.

that's the power of explaining on a spiritual level - attracting like-minded, resonating - makes for a good explanation. If your frame of reference does not match (so do not resonate) then my statement can only partly be explained for you because I also use the underlying psychological explanation.