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Colors in your dream, it is not often that you consciously dream about colors. They are often elements that you happen to notice. We always dream in basic colors, brown, black or shades of gray. But when we dream in color it often is

For example, a red car or a yellow door, .... these colors have a special message for you and below you will find an explanation of this.




Red is the color of strength, physical energy, determination, for courage in opposition and for change in difficult circumstances. Also with love, passion, self-confidence, health, sexual potency, willpower. You can use red candles if you want help with any of the above topics. With the color red you make contact with the fire beings, the angels of love; past loved ones and the afterlife in your dreams and visions.




Orange is the color of fertility, health and joy, used for personal fertility or to make a project bear fruit and find personal happiness. Also with attraction, creativity, success, stimulation, the color orange appears in your dream or vision.





Yellow is the color of intellectual success, learning and travel. The color yellow also represents intelligence, memories, dreams, self-confidence, knowledge, visions, mental strength, insight into your dream or vision. The color yellow ensures that you connect deeply with your soul, yourself and your pure self. Yellow the color tells you about wisdom and maturity and the natural element wind. Another explanation is that around spring new possibilities come into your life, in the spring a lot changes for you and prosperity comes into your life. Another explanation is that yellow is the color of hatred, envy and displeasure. An important explanation is that in China the color yellow is seen as very positive, and may therefore be associated with the sun and with prosperity.




Green is the color of the new love, finding new love and developing heart business. The color green in your dreams or vision also stands for attracting money, growth, beauty, work, success, happiness and prosperity. The color green in your dream or vision ensures that you connect deeply with your life roots, the basis of life and attracting your wishes and dreams. Green in your dream or vision tells you about nature and the personal growth in our life, inner balance and harmony in life, happiness, wealth. Another explanation is starting a new challenge in life, and fertility.



Gray in your dream or vision tells you about uncertain times, but not infinitely. Another explanation is that after a difficult period you can almost experience a new beginning. Gray is also the color of insights, dreams and visions, feminine strength and stability. wealth and victory over the past and yourself.





Dreams or visions in which blue appears represent the healing energy, wisdom and limitless possibilities, pushes boundaries and creates trust. It brings you truth, healing, soul cleansing, hope. But it also helps with protection, creativity, communication, predictive dreams, friendship, removing fears, against negative energy.



Dreaming or visions about the color purple tells you about spirituality, inspiration, physical strength, spiritual growth, knowledge, wisdom, increasing capacities and connecting with the universe, the afterlife and your higher self. The purple color in your dream or vision also provides competence, independence, power, healing.


The color pink in your dream and vision indicates the soft aspects of love and kindness and affection, reconciliation and harmony and a peaceful sleep. Looking for twin soul love, peace, romance, emotions, honor, friendship, fidelity, femininity. Dreams or visions about the color pink indicates the soft connection with the universe, the afterlife, the light world and the air beings such as the fairies, elves, pixies





Brown is the color of instinctual wisdom and protection, friendship, favors, balance, concentration, your home or house, lost items, land and money, entrepreneurship. Dreams or visions about the color brown also tells you to connect with the elemental beings, the element earth and other ancient civilizations




White is the color of vitality, purity, energy, the start of something new, purity, purity, spirituality, healing, peace, meditation, truth, spiritual strength, protection, joy. Dreams or visions about the color white gives the connection to the universe, the light world, the elemental beings, light masters, the extraterrestrial and the upper world, the hereafter and spirit.

The white color is also associated with the Moon and Sun energy. Dreams and visions about the color white tell you about the new beginning in life or prosperity. But also about modesty, peace, victory and the innocence of man. It is important to know that for some people white represents the explanation gloomy, simple and neutral. It is the color that everyone feels safe with in life.





Silver is the color of intuition and sudden insights, dreams and visions, telepathy, clairvoyance, feminine strength and stability. Wealth and victory over the past and yourself. Silver dreams or visions tells you something about the connection with the universe, the light world, god, jesus, and other gods and goddesses, the source and the upper world





Black is the color of anchoring, the end, the rebirth, the stagnation and preparing for the new that is present behind the horizon but not yet tangible. The color black can be interpreted very differently and is therefore very dependent on your frame of reference. Black can represent the connections with the universe, the upper world, the old and the new that may come your way. Another explanation is that it represents the source and the underworld, death and the end. - The white cannot do without the black, and the black without the white -.





Gold is the color of success, prosperity, victory, recognition, great ambitions, happiness, wealth and a healthy long life. Gold is the lifeblood of everything, it also tells you with the aquatic creatures, god, the source, jesus, gods, the light world, the universe. Dreams and Visions in which gold occurs also stand for attracting prosperity, healing and deepening spiritual growth and development.