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Would you also like to live in your purest form (completely trusting in yourself), experience growth and development without limitations? What if I told you that we all have that deep connection and that we often ignore it. You often know yourself, your soul, your intuition is the only one that never lies, that is never wrong - it is the only correct answer, life path, goal and so on.



Ask yourself?


How often did you say A feeling and still choose B? ... And why did you choose B ... Was it correct? ... Was it correct? ... Or had it been A? ... Choices making is very difficult for many people and do you listen to logic or feeling? ...

Imagine you are going to a party the moment you step through the door you feel a strange stomach ache coming out of nowhere! You don't know why but suddenly you have a headache, stomach ache and so on "that's your intuition" from its purest form.


Your ego is there and tinkered against some kind of piece itself. The way you want to put yourself in the world, socially responsible. That what you impose on yourself and / or the world, obligations, expectations, fears, grief and so on.



Disconnecting from your ego is one of the most difficult life lessons we can experience at the moment. Now I am not saying that you should ignore ego completely! ... No, of course there are logical steps you can take in life. You probably understand that if you don't have the money to buy shoes and your desire says that new shoes are important, you should also buy them regardless of the consequences.

Experiencing the balance between that which makes sense and living from your intuition is a great experience that takes you big steps forward in your life.


That also means that if you dream of a great career INTUITION, your soul, your source, your base drives it! But that you have to take logical EGO steps to get there. That which you can see, visualize, daydream, visions, dreams with your mind's eye can become realistic.



Living from your intuition is a wonderful and a very special experience; it brings you deep soul growth, development, like minded, twin souls, higher life vibration and so on.

Learn to listen to your deepest desires and trust them completely. You can really learn it !. This makes your life completely different, you learn that your dreams, wishes, desires are really feasible and that dreams do not have to be leisure activities but tangible successes.


Teach yourself to connect with your intuition that flows tremendously and abounds within yourself. Your intuition doesn't just grow by becoming aware of that. (heart-centered thinking). But especially also through daydreams, meditations, dreams, visions, visualisations and manifestations.


If you are able to start living from your intuition, you can see everything with love, you experience that everyone is the same, wants the same and is connected to each other and so on. Spiritual soul growth from your highest good is inevitable if you learn to trust your intuition, your source, your base, your heart.

Intuition exercise


Step 1

If you are in your head, you are not in your body. Sit relaxed and / or sit on the edge of your bed so that your feet can reach the floor. Lower your attention and focus on your feet. Feel your legs touching the chair and / or your bed edge. Feel your feet making contact with the ground - feel the carpet, parquet and so on. Relax and as you turn inward. Feel every fiber in your body, the vibration, your heart, your bones and so on. Keep your mind clear. I know it's tricky, but practice makes perfect, keep trying. Every day you go a step further start the first day with 2 minutes and increase it every day by one minute.



Step 2

Become aware of your breathing, "intuition" your source, your base, your heart, your soul that gently pulls you into the chair or bed with an energy. Pay attention to your feet; imagine transparent intuition growing roots from your feet. Those roots anchor you deeply in the earth and ensure that you dream, vision, act, meditate, daydream, visualize, manifest from your source.




Step 3

From your roots you see a beautiful transparent intuition root energy rising up that touches the universe, the heavens, the higher and flows from your crown - Take this status with you to the next step.



Step 4

Distinguish between "what is my own and what belongs to another". Take your time for this, learn what you feel in a certain situation where emotions and feelings are added. How does my partner, colleagues, girlfriend, friend, neighbor, etc. feel and how do I react to this! Is the stomach ache my own or does my partner happen to have intestinal problems? headache is mine or is my colleague having a bad day !. So check where it comes from. Observe the origin of signals; open yourself up to signals. Is it my own or is this my partner, girlfriend, neighbor or the playing child and so on. Write it down make a diary of what am I feeling and so on!



Step 6

Becoming aware of the fact that ..... the things you think are important and how they take shape, the feelings, smell, color and the reaction you experience. This is the hardest part. Make it clear, clear, letting go of your beliefs ensures that you can perceive your environment in a more neutral, different, more open way. So old patterns break through old thoughts about everything and plug in everyone else; but above all experience and see what happens then. Write it down make a diary why do I react like that and so on!



Step 7

Open yourself to energy around you; that does not mean that you then equal entities, spirits, mediumship and so on belong to your life. You can experience energy in different ways. Vibration and energy has a direct connection with everything around you, a house, tree, bird, car, radio and so on also have their own perceptible vibration and / or energy. That also applies to people - every person has its own vibration, as does every situation and moment. Pay close attention to your breathing, emotions, feelings during this step and above all stay relaxed and calm.



Step 8

Meditate, daydream, visualize, dream, visualize every day and keep a diary to make this process aware and grow in your body. Being still is important - you don't find words, wisdom by talking but by being still and listening to your body, yourself, your intuition, your source, your base and so on. Be still and let it flow.