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Elves, Fairies, Faries and Pixies
Elves, Fairies, Fairies and Pixies visit you in your dreams to help you with all your life questions related to attracting new energy, new relationships, work, wishes and dreams. They help you manifest and create abundance.

We air beings also appear to you when you are undergoing a transformation or if you would like to show this to the outside world. We help you with everything you just have to ask us for help. In addition, an Elves, Fairies, Fairies and Pixies also tells creative, childishness, playfulness and the path to adulthood.

But we also ask you to spend time playing and the inner child that needs attention. We take the time to help you with all your life questions and you can compare us to the angels and gods - we like to be called nature angels.




Mermaids, Water Nymphs and Water Fairies
Mermaids and Mermaids, Water Nymphs and Water Fairies are connected with the element of water and therefore bring you cleansing, clearing, cleaning, letting go, healing and reliving past lives, memories and old unhealthy situation so that you can give it a place in your life .

While you are dreaming or having a vision, we help you with all your life questions and we help you to see the signals that we place on your path.

In addition, a dream with a mermaid, merman, water nymph and water fairy tells that your new plans and wishes are fruitful if you pay attention to them. Our dream or vision visit also tells you that you can drink more water and that the womb of life plays an important role in your life and you should think of pregnancy or adoption, your own business, etc.




Gnomes, Dwarves and Goblins
We gnomes, dwarfs and goblins visit you during your dreams if you can use help in the field of the element earth. As a gnome and gnome, I appear in your dreams or visions to help you harvest and plant your wishes. I help you take care of everything you want, I guide you to that part of entrepreneurship so that it really becomes tangible; I also try to make you aware of not carrying too heavy loads.

Dear darling, you don't have to carry more than you need to - so ask me for help letting go of unhealthy burdens and friendships. We Dwarves and Goblins are masters of seeking and finding that which is not visible with your eyes; we'll let you find the treasures.

We help you with the mastery of craftsmanship, learning and studying, having patience. Gold and crystal energy and craftsmanship are our greatest messages to you as a dreamer - open your hands, open your eyes and let us help you.

Gnome houses or mushrooms tell you about the heart of your inner child, your true dreams and ideas come true. Allow yourself to ask for your help, listen to your true heart, and most importantly, make small improvements and not be influenced by others.





Volcanoes, Fire Devas and Dragons
When Volcanoes, Fire Devas and Dragons come, we love to help you find your true passion, fire and affection during your dreams. We Volcanoes, Fire Devas and Dragons help you during your dreams and visions to bring out the deep heart desires.

We also show you that sometimes you can dig a little deeper into your past to be able to let go of the old, and sometimes heart lessons are not pleasant but the end result provides balance and warmth that flows completely. You are therefore challenged by us and how you experience this can be filled in very personally.

Ask us through your heart, your passion, your inner fire as you visit our message or visit during your dream or vision. Volcanoes, Fire Devas and Dragons are also connected with blood and fear, darkness and the end and new beginning "death and rebirth" is present in your life right now.




Additional information elemental beings
Elemental beings appearing in your dreams and visions, daydreams, give you a special message that is important for your future and for your inner, spiritual and emotional life growth towards finding your life path. They help you with everything and then you have to think guide it to a point of light or life purpose in your life. The elemental beings whisper words to you that you need to see what you can achieve in your life.

Elemental beings help you on your life path; they cleanse your energy, protect you, guide you, help you manifest, process, attract new relationships, attract wisdom and wealth. Ask for help from the elemental beings and within your heart you will receive the answers that you are looking for so that you can judge and process it all more calmly and clearly.