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Aphrodite (Greek Goddess)
Dreams or visions about Aphrodite / Venus. The goddess of love, affection, twin soul attraction and boundless love for both yourself and a partner. It tells you about listening to your heart and your inner feminine side, or your feminine energy that is always present. Another explanation is that you can enjoy life, use your loving creativity, ideas and listen to your inner wisdom.


Another explanation is that you can find a lot of inner balance if you enjoy music and dancing, singing and expression more from your heart, steps and source. Feel free to express yourself, relax and have confidence that everything flows from your deepest and purest core. Yet another explanation is, support in finding self-confidence, your own personality and your self-esteem.


Aphrodite / Venus is the reflection of inner love as well as attracting and maintaining relationships. Let the inner flame burn and fanned. Have faith that there is someone for everyone who suits the situation you are in at the moment; twin souls, soul mate love and so on. Aphrodite / Venus also tells you something about judging, judging the outward appearance; the soul speaks to you regardless of the outward appearance, things may appear different from what they are. See it through the eyes of love before judging, look at it from a different point of view, you are loving, beautiful and unique.


Aphrodite / Venus appears to you when you want to experience the connection in the field of love from its purest form, you may want to attract a new love, then she gives you the confidence that someone is there, she opens your heart to to receive and to give. She helps you with your current relationships, both in love and work, friendships.

No matter what you want Aphrodite / Venus helps you to receive and give loving affection, love and warmth. No one is alone, stays alone and has to be lonely, unloving open your heart and let Aphrodite help and support you.





Apollo (Roman God)
Dreams and visions in which Apollo appears are about entrepreneurship, development and building. Be creative, figure out and get where you need to be with perseverance. Apollo is the connection between doing business, believing in your own strength and actually converting this into action and tangible goals. Another explanation is that you experience a bit of awareness that has to do with taking on too much hay, carrying too heavy loads and that you can divide this over time, projects and outsourcing! .. The balance between doing business, doing it yourself and have confidence that collaboration, teamwork, like-mindedness will take you further than you can imagine now.



Artemis (Roman Goddess)
Dreams and visions in which Artemis / Diana appears tells you that you have the right insights, insight into the situation. Have everything under control, are protected against all forms of danger. Artemis is connected to the hunt and with that she reflects the strength, the perseverance to get where you need to be and / or where you want to be and so on. The feminine strength, perseverance and protection - are in balance with your masculine energy - girl power on top. Your feminine qualities are in balance with your masculine qualities. Artemis / Diana is the sister of Apollo and thus together they reflect twin souls, soul mates, like-minded and soul groups, zodiac sign twins





Allah (Islam)
Dreams and visions about Allah tell you about developments and endeavors, in which you can experience Allah as a spiritual leader in cooperation. Another explanation is the demand for recognition for your true self, spiritual growth and development. If Allah is in an orchard in your dream or vision then it tells you that you may expect adversity.

Another explanation is your desire for change and the demand and cravings for love will be answered. An important explanation is that Allah has a different and personal interpretation for each person and is therefore very difficult to explain, so listen to your true feeling. Dreams and visions that Allah is in a temple tells you that your opponents, problems, emotions, fear and feelings are overcome and that sincerity will prevail in your life.



Athena (Greek Goddess)
Dreams or visions about Athena tell you that you have the need to listen to your inner wisdom, and especially to follow your feelings; the feminine energy and power speaks to you. Another explanation is that you want to look at the way you stand in life but also face the challenges that may require courage or courage, strength and power without doubting. Strength and perseverance and yet be completely in balance; speaking is silver and silence is golden moment.


Another explanation is that the creative expressions through writing, painting, expressing yourself creatively or reading books give you pleasure, inner peace and balance. Learning and studying run together, just like practicing and trying are very important to get where you need to be. Athena (Neith Egyptian goddess) also reflects the balance between your masculine and feminine energies, you can be powerful, powerful and also possess wisdom by making well-considered decisions.







Bastet (Egyptian Goddess)
Dreams or visions about Bastet mainly tell you about the inner experience of your own personal strength and energy. The independence you experience helps you towards a successful company, new project, dream or wish. Another explanation is to make clear decisions that are close to your true feelings and your heart. You experience balance and balance at this point in your life. Another explanation is that Bastet is the reflection of the nine lives of the cats and therefore reflects the many possibilities that you can take in your life, which will ultimately lead to your life purpose.



Coventina (Celtic goddess)
Visions or dreams about Coventina tell you that you have experienced obstacles that you want to overcome. You will be helped and supported so that you become aware of your physical and mental problems caused by negative energy. You have to clean up to overcome your obstacles and problems in your life. Clean your body by, for example, going swimming or going to the sea for a day, and drink plenty of green tea or water. Another explanation is experiencing totally new insights into the possibilities of life.






When Dana appears in your dream or vision, it tells you that you need to learn to listen more closely to your inner wisdom. Increase and broaden your current knowledge by opting for training, courses and workshops. Another explanation is experiencing inner and personal growth that you want to broaden or change. Another explanation is that you get positive energy from teaching, informing, transferring knowledge or being a coach. You want to support people where necessary, regardless of the situation and the possibilities and obstacles.






Dreams and Visions in which Demeter appears are about abundance, fertility, planting seeds and seeing opportunities. Another explanation is that you are challenged to explore new insights and possibilities. Go and test your limits and be surprised what great talents you have. Another important explanation is that your mother's feelings (father's feelings) need attention; having and / or adopting the family, relatives and children. Take time to be there for each other; take time to think about the options for getting pregnant, adopting.





When Gaia appears in your dream or vision this tells you about the origin, the basis of your life, the birth of new life including your own birth. Gaia also stands for mother, wife, pregnancies and the magical possibilities because to create that is what you want. Gaia is the goddess of all that has been created here on this earth, she is the mother of everything, she has given us life; she has fertilized, carried and cared for this planet and that is precisely from Gaia you can tell in your dream or vision ... the creative power flows from your deepest magical self.






God, Holy One, The Creator
If you see god, the creator and / or a saint in your dream or vision, it indicates spirituality, expression of your feelings about the divine, the belief that there is more between heaven and earth. Another explanation is the untouchable, unattainable, and unobtainable understanding over which you have no control. Yet another explanation is your willingness to help others, or that you may need help yourself. Yet another explanation is that you are at the beginning of something new in your life - but this mainly relates to spiritual being, spiritual growth, soul assignments etc. It is the deep connection with your heart, your foundation and the way you life.




Dreams or visions about Guinevere tell you about experiencing support in finding love, or a renewed love or passion in your current relationship. Another explanation is the realization of a twin flame or inner happiness between your masculine and feminine energies. Yet another explanation is to find your true heart, your dreams, wishes or health and love. Yet another explanation is, being able to easily adapt to a new situation or relationship.





Dreams or visions in which Hera appears to you are about being your wife, your family and standing up for yourself. Female rights and duties are of paramount importance to Hera. Stand up for yourself, stand up for what you believe, attract money and income, balance between give and take. Hera reflects both mother, wife and independence in the broadest sense of the word. Hera dreams and visions tell you something about the way you live life; and the way in which you can take up life. Finding the balance between family, work, relationship, desires and attraction. Yet another explanation is that Hera comes to bring a new gift, magic, miracles, solutions and possibilities.







Hercules (Greek god)
Hercules in dream or vision are about finding your pure self, your true strength, courage and life purpose. Hercules brings out the best in us as well as the lesser and dark qualities - the inner demons and the angel wings are reflected here. Hercules dreams and visions can therefore be contradictory, so listen carefully to your feelings; what applies. Another explanation is that Hercules represents transformation and change in life, sometimes you first have to let go of the old, change before you get to where you need to be. Yet another explanation is that hercules stands for finding balance and overcoming old wounds from past lives, defeating inner demons; but you can also think of magic, spiritual growth and high energy and the higher purpose and dimension.



Visions or dreams about Hathor tell you about experiencing the possibilities of being independent. Another explanation is learning that receptivity has a lot to offer you. Yet another explanation is the possibilities to allow yourself to receive new things, as well as to give unconditionally. You experience support in learning to listen to your true feelings, your inner self and your pure personality.







Horus (Egyptian god)
Horus appearing in your dream or vision tells you about experiencing spiritual and especially deep and clear insight. You have found the right idea and opportunity, which will put you on the path to something new or more information you need. Another explanation is that it is wise to look deeper or further than you have done so far.

Yet another explanation is that you will receive support in articulating your true feelings, your true heart, but also letting your true self be there to others. You want to help yourself or others to find the right way in life. Horus also protects you from outside negative energy that you don't see coming.




Visions or dreams about Ishtar tell you about learning and experiencing that you can set your limits more. Another explanation is that you feel that you have opened yourself up too much, opened up to other people or obstacles and problems in life. You become aware that you need to be a little more assertive to protect yourself. Yet another explanation is experiencing inner improvements as well as healing and protection.




Isis (Egyptian goddess)
Dreams or visions about Isis tell you that you become aware of the possibility of a past life, or the history of your life or that of your family. Another explanation is experiencing unresolved emotions, fear, anger, and anger that you cannot control.

Yet another explanation is that you become aware of everything that you have bottled up and especially that you can now start expressing it so that you feel more inner balance between your masculine and feminine energy. Another explanation is to experience the balance between the family, your motherly feelings and the woman who takes her chances in the field of work and business.

A special explanation is that Isis represents a spiritual and magical person. Isis is a witch with very different powers that she can use when you need it to support you. You can also assume that you are a magical and special person with a lot of strength and inner wisdom that you can use to help other people.





Visions or dreams in which Isolde occurs tell you about becoming aware and experiencing the inner love, the heart, but also wanting to be together forever. Another explanation is, a collaboration between masculine and feminine energy that is in balance. Yet another explanation is that your family and friendships need some attention. Another possible explanation is learning to listen better to your inner wisdom, knowledge and skills.




If you see titans in your dream or vision, it indicates that you have the power to get things done. Be in control of your own destiny, provided you work hard for it. Dreams about the titans are about except for big goals, but goals that don't come easy to you. In addition, the titans represent power, strength, aggression, anger, grief, pain and destructive and destructive power. The question, however, is the titans coming to bring you something positive or do you experience it as negative. Remember that you always project yourself onto the Titans; you need these qualities and / or should be expressed. You are a titan in the dream or vision. It is time to find depth, the underlying message is deeper and it is now being shown to you, open your arms and let that inner anger, fear, inner strength run free and meet your pure and real me.

If you defeat the titans in your dream or vision, it tells you that you have regained control of the situation where you felt you had lost everything. You have overcome it and / or you may become aware that you are stronger than you think. The Titans generally leave a trail of destruction, darkness and adversity. Having overcome it, you can now spend time on shutdown, start over, rebuild, and clean slate.





Kali (Hindu Goddess)
Dreams or visions about Kali tell you that you become aware of the fact that a situation, obstacle, problem, fear or stress is coming to an end. Another explanation is experiencing a new beginning. You are going to make new plans and wishes. Yet another explanation is to experience the cycle of life and of your body, the earth and the energy. Another explanation is that you can let go of the past in order to be able to make a new development.




Maat (Egyptian goddess)
Visions or dreams about seeing Maat tell you that you want to experience honesty, sincerity, but also justice. Another explanation is weighing up choices and possibilities, opening yourself up to new opportunities and developments. Yet another explanation is experiencing righteousness and resulting statements that can be both positive and negative. Another explanation is that you become aware of the fact that there is a solution for every problem, even though it still looks dark to you at the moment.





Ostara (Celtic goddess)

Visions or dreams about Ostara (Celtic goddess) tell you that you can have confidence that new opportunities and possibilities will come. The goddess Ostara is connected with the new, the start and the beginning of everything. Another explanation is, you are aware of fertility, growth, new opportunities and developments in your life.


Fertility and pregnancy does not have to be about a baby and / or the desire for adoption and so on. It tells you something about a spiritual pregnancy, fruitful start-up of your dreams, wishes, ideas and so on.
Another explanation is that you see the possibilities to plant seeds, to care for the seeds and to harvest at a later time. Ostara invites you to connect with mother earth, to enter into, to keep and to earth yourself. Yet another explanation is that new plans, dreams, wishes and ideas come from hard work, revival of nature and / or the situation you are in.

Ostara is connected with the spring season, harvest festivals and other forms of the new herald, she breathes life into everything and / or that with which you are connected in your waking existence. It is mainly connected with the elemental beings, earth, fire, water and air. But also the planet, animals and everything and everyone connected with nature.





Osiris (Egyptian god)

Osiris in your dream or vision tells you about overcoming almost impossible obstacles, and problems mainly using your masculine strength and energy. Another explanation is having confidence in finding a solution in collaboration with other people from your environment. Yet another explanation is experiencing masculine love, strength, and family members who support you. A special explanation is that you may believe in a past life, family history, belief in reincarnation and the hereafter.







Pallas (Greek Goddess)

Dreams and visions about Pallas are about the realization of incarnation, past lives, second chances and rethinking. Another explanation is that Pallas reflects wisdom, knowledge and learning abilities, take the time to learn and study. Small steps make big leaps forward, learning moments come and go in your life and they are there for a reason. Pallas in your dream or vision also has everything to do with your soul, your soul lessons, soul assignments and awareness of this. The deeper insights, karma and dealing with old unhealthy patterns.






When Pan appears in your dream or vision, it tells you about fertility and new opportunities. But also new wishes, dreams, ideas and projects that you have not yet developed. Another explanation is the possibility of pregnancy. Yet another explanation is to experience abundance such as enough time, knowledge, wisdom, money, love, health, and happiness. An important explanation is learning that you can have confidence that things sometimes seem different than they actually are. Pan in your dream or vision tells you about transformation and adapting to the situations that arise in your life.





Parvati who, in your dream or vision, tells you about experiencing or realizing the domestic warmth and affection. But also experiencing protection and victory over inner problems. Another explanation is to experience an inner marriage between your masculine and feminine energies. Another explanation is that it is time to pay attention to the balance between family, work, relationship and your true feelings. Yet another explanation is that you are looking for solutions to communication problems.



Poseidon (Greek God)
Poseidon / Neptune dreams and visions are about experiencing protection, help and support that flow from your feelings and emotions. Another explanation is that you can challenge yourself, you can develop yourself further and that you can give the inner demons a place. Deep down you are in balance; and sometimes the anger, fear, aggression has to erupt before the balance is fully present again. Another explanation is that Poseidon / Neptune helps you find inner balance, it is neither white nor black; it is gray. Yet another explanation is that you have the power to undertake things that are already present below the surface in your heart and that can reach great heights; walking paths that no one else would take.






Dreams or visions about Sedna tell you about experiencing or even receiving abundance. But also gaining inner knowledge, happiness, possibilities and money. Another explanation is that you become aware of the fact that you are receiving protection, so that you can find peace, balance and balance in an unhealthy situation. Another explanation is that at this point in your life you have everything you need, you can be happy with what you have.






Dreams or visions about Sekhmet tell you about experiencing inner victory, strength and courage in situations that you perceive as difficult. Another explanation is to believe in an appropriate or good solution to obstacles, problems and difficulties. Another explanation is, you are now more aware of your own powers, abilities and inner wisdom. You can take yourself or a situation to the next level. Another explanation is that self-esteem and honesty help you on your way to success.



Dreams or a vision about Thoth tell you about the opportunity to listen more to your true self and true inner wisdom. You must learn to communicate your feelings through the spoken or written word. Another explanation is that you are aware of how you can express yourself more easily and better. Yet another explanation is that you can express thoughts, wishes and dreams by writing them down. You can use modern forms of communication such as social media. Another explanation is that you get strength from reading books that interest you.




Triton (Greek God)
Dreams or visions about Triton tell you about the connection with the element of water, the womb of life, the emotions, feelings and fertility. Another explanation is that you can overcome anything, see possibilities, and expect protection. Discovering new things, especially experiencing an inner journey.

Accepting spiritual growth and soul assignments. Another explanation is past lives, karma and letting go of unhealthy patterns. Yet another explanation is, your creative energy and sensitivity, as well as cooperation and opportunities that arise from that. Triton reflects the small in life, appreciate everything you have in your possession, don't look at what you don't have.

Don't try to control the emotions, feelings, and going on the waves of life. Yet another explanation is great strength, gift, and perseverance, hidden deep inside and desperate to get out.





Dreams or visions about Veste tell you about the realization of your true heart, your inner love, your home, your family and your loved one that you can give your attention to. Another explanation is experiencing changes in your home situation or work area that in turn provide new inspiration and possibilities. Yet another explanation is experiencing the maternal and paternal feelings of having or adopting children.




Dreams and visions in which Zeus appears to you are about the higher spiritual experience; great life lessons and soul assignments come to you. Another explanation is protection against any kind of danger, support and help with stuck cartridges. Let go of limitations and inhibitions, not to mention attract what you want. Zeus is the king of the gods provides structure, organization, wisdom, protection and cooperation at the highest level; you also allow it into your life. Open your arms and receive what you need; let it go and let it flow do not keep yourself from everything that your ego tries to block. Beyond your ego, beyond your limitations but experiencing flowing energy.





Additional information

During our dreams, daydreams, visions, meditations, visualisations, consciously or perhaps still unconsciously, we make contact with the higher spiritual and thus also with gods and goddesses.

Dreams, daydreams, visions, meditations, visualizations about Gods and Goddesses appearing to you, are less common or at least on an unconscious level; but when they appear to you consciously then this dream or vision has a great spiritual message. The message is therefore very personal for everyone, but in general you can say that it has to do with deep spiritual development and personal growth.


The gods and goddesses always appear to support and help you after you ask for their help. They help you in the same way as the angels, elves, fairy, fairy, creator, earth angels and / or that with which you are connected. You are connected to the god or goddess that suits you best and / or suits the situation you are in. It may very well be that you have a connection with a certain god or goddess right now and that it will be different again next week; because you may have learned certain lessons or taken steps.


Gods and Goddesses are just like the angels, earth angels always available for help and support, they are not bound by time and space and can therefore be everywhere at the same time. You do not have to worry that your request for help is superfluous, not necessary and / or important enough! No dear you are important and we are always with you all you need to do is allow us and have faith in the support that is coming to you in any form right now.