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0 Dreams and Visions
A dream or vision about the number zero tells you about insecurity, shame and ignorance. Another explanation is experiencing sexual urges and sexual needs. Another explanation is that the zero represents the infinite cycle, that which has no end. The more zeros appear in your dream or vision, the greater the victories, activities and urges to be processed.



1 Dreams and Visions
A dream or vision about the number one tells you that you are a leader, an individual, a pioneer. Another explanation is experiencing drive, independence and personal victories. You are an assertive, strength and intuitive person. One also stands for decisiveness and being straightforward, which can bring you a lot. It may also be that you are always ahead of other people, you always want to move forward quickly. The number one also symbolizes the new beginning, inspiration and not to mention creativity.




2 Dreams and Visions
Dreams or visions about the number two tell you about femininity, emotions, peace, adjustment. Another explanation is justice and business. Meditation, and spirituality and forming your own opinions belong to two. The two is also the number of sharing, emotions, relationships, companionship, love and analysis. Two dreams and visions tell you about the obstacles in your life that you have to overcome and sort out.




3 Dreams and Visions
A dream or vision about the number three indicates spiritual broadening of your wealth, full of ideas and seeing possibilities. The number three is one of the most magical numbers out there. Everything you give someone, you receive back three times or you experience the power of the three as a symbolic element. Another explanation is, the world traveler, being spiritual and psychic. You can also assume with the three that the dream or vision has a masculine connotation; your masculine energy is clearly present.




4 Dreams and Visions
A dream or vision about the number four tells you about stable and common sense, order, sobriety, ability. Another explanation is practical thought and ideas, but also organizing projects loyally and with ease. Yet another explanation is that the number four tells you that you are well prepared, you want to change and adapt. You find a good balance, logic and emotions are in balance. An important explanation is, the four seasons, the four directions, the four parts of a day: morning, afternoon, evening and night.


5 Dreams and Visions
Dreams or visions about the number five tell you about freedom, risk, openness, vision, versatility and the search for adventure. Another explanation is that the five has a lot of influence on innovation and want to be progressive. You want to balance your life, but also clarify your deep hidden needs and desires.




6 Dreams and Visions
A dream or vision about the number six tells you about love, harmony, compassion, protection and wisdom. The six indicates that you can follow the heart, you make decisions from your heart, your true me. Another explanation is experiencing balance, healing. You have fought against obstacles, problems, adversity and evil. Yet another explanation is earthly love and happiness in love and new opportunities.





7 Dreams and Visions
Dreams or visions about the number seven tell you about wisdom, as well as understanding, being eager to learn, and being spiritual. Another explanation is reflection, loneliness, not to mention meditation. The number seven also tells you that you have difficulty adjusting and prefer flight rather than linger in a situation. Yet another explanation is that to complete means to stand on a solitary height. An important explanation is that seven represents the cycle of life and your body, the seven days of the week, the rainbow made up of seven colors.



8 Dreams and Visions
A dream or vision about the number eight tells you about judgment, about the judge and / or about justice. Another explanation is: money, material things, strength and organizational talent. An important explanation is the movement of life, project, wish, situation, purpose and the cycle of life. The eight tells you about experiencing contention, doubts, making choices. An alternative explanation is the experience of infinity and victory over mental, emotional and physical illness.


9 Dromen en Visioenen

Dromen en visioenen over het cijfer negen vertellen je over het zien van de mogelijkheid om te kunnen vergeven. Loslaten, mededogen, perfectie, goddelijke krachten, inzet, universele moed, impulsiviteit en openhartigheid. Een andere uitleg is barmhartig, spiritualiteit, romantische gedachten en wensen koesteren. De negen is het symbool van perfecte en volledige harmonie, drie keer drie is negen. Een andere belangrijke uitleg is de wedergeboorte en nieuwe ontwikkelingen.




10 Dreams and Visions
Dreams and visions about the number ten represent the difficult combination between the numbers one and zero, it tells you to pay attention to everything that can be changed and adjusted in your life. Experiencing something unexpected. Another explanation is wanting to have solitude or perfection. Yet another explanation is more conscious entrepreneurship, changing jobs or employers, everything that has to do with work and labor.





11 Dreams and Visions
A dream or vision about the number eleven indicates a special combination between one and one; it often tells you about a negative experience. You can suffer from obstacles, difficulties, exertion and heavy physical work. Another explanation is experiencing inner conflict and doubts. Another important explanation is the positive experience of a relationship, love, a romance between two people or the victory between your masculine and feminine energy.




12 Dreams and Visions
A dream or vision about the number twelve tells you about self-sacrifice, difficulties, but also the new beginning, reaching your goal by giving up something. You have waited too long and what you wanted has passed you by. Dreams and visions of the clock striking twelve tell you that a difficult period is coming.