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Dreams and visions about an image of an Ank sign tell you about healing, reincarnation, possibilities, fertility, and opportunities that are coming your way. Another explanation is that the spiritual experiences you experience are divinely arranged. You can also experience the cycle of life and death, so that you can rearrange or revise things.





Dreams and visions about flower shapes and motifs tell you about prosperity, improvement and triumphs over problems. Another explanation is that flower shapes and motifs represent meditation, relaxation, flower remedies, health care and nature. Another explanation is doubt and the unconscious building of castles in the air and your unrealistic dreams and wishes.




Circle, Spiral
Dreams or visions of a circle or spiral tell you about experiencing the perfection, the eternal and the unbreakable in your life. Another explanation is, a complete and infinite feeling that what knows or has no end. Yet another explanation is the victory over the inner marriage between your masculine and feminine energies. Your love affair has been given an unconditional application. Another explanation is that you keep moving in the same circle with regard to a certain situation in your life. Endless repetition, stuck with the feelings, emotions, situations, and obstacles that you cannot control. One main explanation is that the circle and the spiral represent the vagina, the uterus and the birth of your body of life. You recognize the inner need for safety and care.



A triangle in your dream or vision tells you about the pursuit of possibilities and the truth in life. Another explanation is spirituality, your body, mind and soul that have become one. A pure form that gives you honesty and positive path in life. An alternative explanation is that the triangle refers to a love triangle. You are made aware of the risks.





Dreams and visions about a drop tell you about the reference to the water and the fertility that arose from it. Your wishes, dreams and ideas are in their infancy and deserve a lot of attention. Another explanation is tears and emotions that you have to overcome. The drop is not eternal, it does have a beginning and an end. You cannot dwell on the past; you have to learn to express your emotions.



Dreaming and forming visions of waves tell you about the choices we can make in life. Doubts that arise from making choices: are you sailing with the waves or are you consciously going against it? Another explanation is that waves are a reflection of life itself and your adaptability. An alternative explanation is that you have to ask the question whether the glass is half full or half empty, so whether you are satisfied with what you have achieved in life or do you want more.




Dreams and visions about a crescent shape tell you that you have overcome problems from the past, such as doubts, silence, time, insights, errors. Another explanation is that you are not there yet, have chosen the middle way towards success. You still miss the right insights to put everything together and be complete.




Dreams and visions about an image of a cross tell you about faith, but also believe in yourself, spirituality, developments and see possibilities. The cross also stands for setbacks, feeling heavy pressure, having no freedom of movement, persistence in emotions, but also self-punishment.





Arrows, Stripes, Sticks
Dreams and visions of arrows, stripes and sticks tell you about movement, progress, necessary changes, conscious and unconscious choices. There is no going back, you have to follow this path, you have the feeling that you really want this and you are going to make changes. Another explanation is that arrows, stripes, and sticks represent love, and the path this relationship should go or adjustments to take.





Dreams and visions of dots tell you about the small advancements, small movements and slow adjustments that make big changes. Dots also represent doubts and making choices in life or in a situation. Another explanation is that dots represent the many possibilities that pass by in our lives, and that we only realize a small part of them.



Dreams and visions about a square tell you that there are sharp edges to your opportunities, wishes, possibilities and limitations in your own ideas. Another explanation is that the square stands for stability, but also for strength and a solid foundation.





Yin and Yang
Dreams and visions about the Yin and Yang sign tell you about the cycle of life and the balance between the masculine and feminine energy. But it also tells you to look lovingly through the eyes of others without judging these people, the opposites, humanity, and balance.




Each Smiley represents an emotion and feeling that you want to express in your dream or vision. It is therefore personal to fill in what it means, but the most important explanation is that you have to look carefully at what emotion the smiley shows in your dream or vision. So listen carefully to your feelings when explaining the dream or vision. This contains an important message that makes you aware that it can be both positive and negative.





Dreams and Visions in which you use or see a # tells you that you are looking for information, answers through both closed and open communication. It can also mean finding like-minded people through social media. In addition, the # stands for the new beginning, the possibility to make something public without immediately taking action. Another explanation is that it is used # in dreams and visions as a collection of many personal experiences and things in your life that you are allowed to process. A #is a sign that his dream and vision also has origins in wisdom, mathematics, knowledge, study.




Dreams and Visions in which you use or see an @ tells you that you want to make contact with a person or subject that is important to you at the moment. You address yourself or the situation so that you can become aware of the fact that you want or need to do something. @ to myself I address this information. Another explanation is that you are investigating who you are and where you want to go with your life. In addition, the @ sign is also connected to email and sending messages, so this contains the new opportunities and challenges that are coming.





Additional information about shapes.

Shapes in your dreams or visions have a special meaning and tell you something about your current situation, how you feel and how you live your life. Your obstacles, your life problem, feelings, emotions, fears and anything you may be dealing with. You see shapes on everything you can think of, for example on a suitcase, kitchen cupboard, cup, bags, on a bicycle, books, clothing, moving box, on your telephone, paper, or a coffee cup.

You can see it on anything that is personal to you. The shape says a lot about the progress you are making in life at this moment. Shapes can also be colored and represent an emotion or feeling. Shapes are important in interpreting your dreams or visions.